Scarletts song


Waves impressions faces of value

I would have you win if you were worthy

I expected, now disappointment

In love and wishing it would last forever

In bed through the window we learn new trades

looking through passed the tracks

I will cross that way forever

Inside of sleep

Waking up to her music

The days had gone since than

I will always be with them


Scarletts Passing


You are no longer here

Spirit from your eyes lifts to heaven

One last glimpse of contact

Nothing like losing you

My tears fall, and emotions gather

Memory reunion

Missing the very part of me

My lady, wherein in the loss i find in the time you lived

Beside me in unity

I will always miss you

How could you be taken away

I wait to see you again  in the light where you wanted to go

it is getting harder to know

What is the reasons to get out of this

Passing you on in spirit

Your departing light

My lady, my lady wherein all my sadness dose rome

Nero Soul


Poke the witches eyes out

In this fiction two can meet

By and by a skeletal closet

Dark figures wander

Driven by sense to think

And point out the living exits of humanity

Tempting well of ghosts

Wherein these sedimentation

Nero transitory

Mother Of Worry


Red rose attitude a voice filled in nails
Hand held fist and a toxic mind lost unconsumed
Planned detour
Everything escapes
Ill morning after
Four days of pain
Her own gambit bitter son she weeps
Bed of ugliness
Black eye encompassing dirty trails
Hope concerning
I am loved more than I’ll ever know

An Irish Tale


Head in a daze from the fast falling rain

Sky of black crowds around a mystery man

Selling what appears to be hell of a good time

I hear the old hag yelling from the top of her lungs

Stay clear from the road the mystery man walks

Mind the biliousness she says at the last

Head full of ghost from loved ones gone on

Drinking at the wake we had a hell of a good time

Celebrating the dead, neat tidy words, outlawed tunes

Head in a daze from the fast falling rain

Asking for a date hesitantly

The fair looking girl , she say I cannot wait to meet ya soon

Now the wonderful hag sits on the stair never minding her own

She says the fair looking girl  has not but a clue for you

Down in the streets I carry on my day

No sunshine to warm

A voice in my head tell me not to fret

She has always loved you in a way you’ll never know

Stay clear from the road where the hell of a good time waits

The old hag will forever have her says she will forever mind you

Since she cares and also loves you

If there was never a word there would be no love

Out of the rain I rest my head on the bed

Out of sight out of mind