The world which we live in offers many resources for humane beings to take any which direction they choose weather the choice is based on the worlds opinion or the the individual themselves that is a whole other idea. The matter of fact is the world within its advertisements  tell the general public this what we have to be  and most of us indulge into conforming to the world and what society wants us to do. I am so thankful the spirit of the universe has given me the talent of expression through creativity, This miracle within a gift allows me to demonstrate my own thought and idea based on opinion to challenge what ever is in front of me that is based on society distraction. The ability to question everything and take nothing that is given is a reasoning tool that has been formulated within our own living skin to function. Though in our modern world  loves to desensitise people within popular trends to ultimately be better than our fellows. Our world and the bases it is heading the people are treated like  projects to see our reactions and what we like and don’t like, for a better use in terminology we are like lab rats. The modern world is created things for us so that we may not think for our self, we are losing the very independence that makes us humane.  Just have to ask yourself one question where do you want  your mind to resume?  







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