Fate-By Matthew carmichael


Self-abuse never felt so free to practice here in this room

If I could think of any good luck to make the difference seem okay

I will never ask for your advice

There are just something’s that people will never learn without reality

And even though I love the pain at least I can call that my own dream

How many have I counted taking up these chairs

Their stinking energy inflects my soul

I hate to hear their words trying to tell me what I need to know

Humane advice can only be processed for a time

Crowded heads fill the air with their thoughts

Just leave me be in these times when I know who I am

And I still don’t need to be forgiven in the times I love to be rude

That’s just me in the many moods

Whom would you like me to be today if this person is not good enough for you?

Sorry my friend there is not much I can do

The long way around seems like a good place to start

I don’t want to rush

Uncomfortably among this city while I walk

I don’t give the time to talk

Lost in music

Living life by lyrics

The dead man’s genius

One day there will be a grave for me

Not until I spend the fame

Honoring the influence that has made me to be

Upon the gathering company I keep

Destiny eavesdropping spirit

Patience and time

Humours and Devine


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