Catch up with me if you can
Knowledge exceeds ignorance
Ignorance spreads lies

Different forms within humane contact
Universally exploring through energy
Encouraging conversation out of small town darkness

Whom am I to be amazed at such sites I only can look at through pictures
Experienced should be lived not thought of or dreamed
Life happens for those whom have the will to be uncomfortable

I’ve lived a lot of unwell tragedy
I planned and executed perfectly
I think I am done destroying

My spirit, my soul long to give within love’s pleasant arrangements
Blessed by the universe unfolding
As I think in logics there was never really a need to be one among the dire

How can one know whom they are if there is constant change
Interacting life developments adapting
Change is the only thing constant

And in my crowded head of messy thoughts
I can eventually spell out the truth
I am alive


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