Optimist or pessimist

Optimist or pessimist

To whom do we seek the truth in
To what moments do we take for granted
An optimist or pessimist
Hate or love
To each their own

synergy defines the oracles progression
Universe delays contact from anybody
Playing the parts of gods
Shall we continue to make our concrete slabs
Temporary relief’s our fragile minds

Spoken like a true historian
Anglicizing years of ancients
under no fame until you had your say
I dispose of every word
Spirits that do contend I admire and love without approval

Truth is only fact to ones process of belief
Ideas and opinions change
The universe constantly sways
The universe is the mind
Among constant change

Last but not least is mine well minded critics
Thus I present to you to demonstrate your wisdom
Without the creators of earth there would not be you
Hate or love
Optimist or pessimist


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