The Time(this poem is dedicated to those whom have been taken from us by suicide)

The Time

Hang me today, this morning seems like a fine day
Playing the blues by my grave
Such a sweet day to die

The sun eventually sets on those troubled souls
Whom just cannot seem ever to get no rest
Hang me o hang me

I lost the world that i once held on a string
Played like a weeping cello
Sadness always lived by that river I never did like

I am not always at my best
Mind more often than not in its own little mess
I could only manage to cry in prayer

Hang me today, this morning seems awful handsome
Devil plays a tune by the graves welcoming me
As a friend he calls my name

There is not to many people that would openly admit
Their true love has never been sought
Most of us just settle and just dream of what
They will never have

This morning sun shines on me from heaven
I plan on living to sun set than i must be on h Fair wells and goodbyes they are just apart of me life j

Fading at the end of the day these times must have been well spent i have a smile to die with and a family that don’t want to see me, such as i am a lucky man in the blues played by graves decorated beauty c


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