Humane wrongs

679fe13dd0b162599913b6388a05dfac                              Without our names we forget our race
So nice of you to be interested in something
When it is everybody else who has everything
You don’t have you envy
Self appraisal meeting, forgetting God
Humane wisdom unjust
it is really people just trying to be better than
other people in a world that is decaying
Built from the ruins of humane minds
Our intellect never was made to survive

I am not to concerned with the philosophy
I would rather dine with spirituality
Divine encouragement
Gods influence
So many people waste their tongues
speaking humane
Speaking Gods ideas
When in fact we hardly know either

Answers and questions
we make up both to fit our needs of pleasure
ignorance spreads lies
Thank God this life is just a limit through time
Born again redefined
Hope this world is a little better than the last time


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