Discerment Of Souls

Discerment Of Souls

There is only one I shall be humble towards
It is not these ones, they are apart of this race
There is that void, there is nothing beyond the body
Loyalty of snakes
Burden of their wake
Forlorn entities
Their taste to disturb me threatens

In an outlawed way I bid farewell to my friend unprofessionally
according to the marketing behavior
Interrupted by the fools spirit
When had I lost the ability to strike and oppose such an offense
I have become estranged to my old ways

Dirt street blends in with my own filthy questions
To make matters only more conspicuous
Whom is this person bowing
Strange morning adds more to mine grief
There is only experience
No straight answers

The past where I once lived revitalizes me
The instinct speaks to me frankly
Wherein the present is just a lull
With these people and souls
Stranger in this land as the world knows
Sending warriors

Without direct answers I manage to know
How I am related to angel plots regarding
Discernment of souls


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