The summer: part 1

The summer: part 1

Rain I carry to your weather jaded transparency
I thought about you overnight
You are not the light I Once grew
Out of age and in the way
Dark roses splayed on these graves
History likes to chill a memory
Smell of lilacs
I dream of a sweet summer
Unconditional love walking beside my mother
everything thing eventually becomes a memory
I like like to know how often love passes me by
I feel it overtime
Spaces of my own universe
And it is only me residing on a throne of time
Casting systems amongst your inner temple
Bone driven determination
And it is only love wherein these hearts I let go
Exchange for sadness
Things do not have to be this way
And that is the amiable misery
Tangible genealogy made in heaven
Prone to long suffering
I admire the ones who hate
Ruthless acts I would never perform
I thank God I was Made upon loves embrace
Best of my ability I write poetry
At such a young age blessed to be a drunken lunatic
Writing such experiences I have a grand tale to tell
Towards the end of the day all in wait
Forgive me I am Irish it is in my genes to be an ass hole


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