Summer Part 3-Lindsey

Summer Part 3-Lindsey

I miss you Lindsey
Often during these nights especially at once when I am reading
The whole image of your person
Exact dimensions of your characteristics
Gentle personality traits
Dawns on me in sadness dwelling missing embrace
On such night as this thumbing through pages of a book
This imp articular tale in detailed intelligence
You’ve come to my mind and heart
What I wouldn’t do my friend
You are not that far away
Derailment of path seems almost thrilling
To see you once again even if it were only for awhile

Shared a summer
Heads down poetry
And in that sun shine beaming all through that park where we had sat
I understood what stopping and looking around what might have been missed
Meant something to being true in the moments we live
Staying true I did as I am truthfully living that moment now
Within missing sorry I do weep
You recovered and thought things through
Remaining true to the one you love and keep
You kindly presented me well
Offering me time of your quality space
I can still hear the piano notes your fingers touched
And thinking I never want to leave this moment

I miss you Lindsey
I sit here this night, the image of you I see in thin air
Shining silhouette mine own tears drown away in front of mine eyes
Like yesterday I can think of that night when we first met
We talked philosophy
I must admit I made myself out to be smarter than I actually am
I was, I fell in love I had to impress
Truth be in my words and affection as I have for you I to must remain true
I so much loved you as a friend
As this night my soul longs for days of old
I am hurt from both our loss
Strong in peace I am sensing you
Out of all this time away now you my friend preoccupy my mind


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