A day in my life


Last night as i went about walking in the late evening I notice this particular book store at the corner of Queen and Jarvis which just caught my eye, crossing the street I made a self note to check the establishment out tomorrow which is today(sat). Upon entering the book store I had really no inclination or knowing really what i was looking for or even expecting to fine. I turned to my right directly facing the first book shelf a few meters away from the door and by the looks of the first shelf i happened to realize that this book store is based on historic artifacts within the artful world of painting covering most of the known era’s of the world from different culture. Not a moments hesitation more I started looking for the book of Kells with disappointing luck the clerk said she just sold two copies this past week though she added if I am interested in Celtic art or artifacts there is an upstairs gallery something may catch your eye. Long story short I go upstairs turn to the right and I enter an oasis of history like I stepped into another world like bill and teds excellent adventure or back to the future. I spent about three hours in the upstairs compartment of course not buying anything everything was to expensive for me at this point in time I did not need money to spend time with history it is in my blood to investigate the past. I am not a very good story teller I just decided to do something different on my blog than writing a poem for once and I thought to share my day experience.


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