Stray, and Estranged

Stray, and Estranged

I chose to stray from future security
Indemnified responsibility
Where I know I surely lost I have gained in wisdom

Anxiety blisters pulsating sore hidden from day light
Spying eyes to discuss the nature of mine made up decision
This is not for anyone to know except for me

I listened to instinct and i did not go
or was it my craziness
Nonetheless I am maddening

Results are always perfect
The future always knows history is where the heart is
Made up of guilt among things that should have actually been

I will never know if I let a good thing escape from me
Since I never followed through even after saying I would be there
Disappointing people has always been my best attribute

I make myself sad losing a mile I could have made distinct and factual
Attendance unfortunate
I am a burdened importance


2 thoughts on “Stray, and Estranged

  1. every human being should follow his or her own soul after weighing its judgments with sensibility, and accept the consequences with dignity.

    I have lived a part of my life as sheep and a part as myself, I wish I lived as myself from beginning 🙂

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