Fishbowl People Living In Glass

Fishbowl People Living In Glass

Desolate land
Tributary minds
Prevalent friends

Pastel winter sky
Shades of people coming in out of life
Compulsive reunion

What more do we have
We all get sick and tired
Selling of a future

Another good time
These moments are truly forever no matter what they say
Words are that is ever gained

Being in a place I hate
Thankful in a state of grace
A man must do what he does not like to do

An alarm to mankind’s virgin record
Protect the seed at birth
Spread life upon the earth

You will never have to have your gun
When it is time to fight it will already be to late
Nature has won

Three people’s minds settling time
While living only once
Trying to live forever

Darkness against the light
Deciding the crime
Elements of the sun blind

Prisoners we condemn
To the holes thrown
We’ve all sinned no matter what they say

In bed the sun dose not wake
Under these sheets sick
The wind mourns and I stray

Winter easy on the eyes
Father was a hard working man
Left alone in the pounds

Isolation has its way of making friends
Madness becomes of the mind
So little left of the soul

Social heads removed
They talk too much without proof
Consistency abandoned

Crisis creates mistakes
This world adores a mess
Apart of our souls

The labs derange
Creation disease
Discovery fixation of darkness

The old failures
Evolved mistakes
Has me reborn

Standing up on my own
Becoming a man
I age and age

There is still enough here on this earth to want more
Life’s gates will be restored
Not as lost not as hopeless

Letting the world grow to its own capacity
This place is not forever
I feel a need never to return

My attitude defines who I am
Transition of change
Apart of my soul

New to these beginnings
Concerns I am asked about
I am fine with the questions

Assured with life in an ordinary manner
Decency is gone
Refusing entertainment

A birth greatly unloved
Undone spell of seeds
Did not want to let me drown

No one shall ever take me to a place
Inside myself where I don’t belong
I found a direction to heal


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