Anit Illuminati

Anit Illuminati

Disguised as Christ
the all seeing eye printed on the shirt, visible without the guitar
Inspired arrangements, funeral setting
He was not drugged like we thought

Fascination mystery visiting in me
Obsession ripping me off
I am noticing from this week
Ugly truth in detail

With my own eyes i cannot say I believe
it is something to think about
One video made in utero
disguised as Satan

Powers control
Sides of the mind to play
Trials of death
Exposed Rockefeller union

Referenced box of lies
Satan is dismissed
Video describes the meaning of the cross
Beside the bed her baby is dead

Exploring the scene I am unconvinced
The world needs another to be taken advantage by
Liking the looks of purity
They will make go away

No consent for them
They indulge themselves allowance
Self filled discovery topics
Eye to eye, I recognize their eye behind every cover up born to lies

Possible belief
I am scared to know the exact truth
Though if the truth is what had been presented to me
I will be fixed to encounter


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