I trip through these compartments of my exotic mind
The space of memory revels more, I am entrant yet cannot climb over the bank
Dream vision of 1987 wherein I once lived an episode of some fools robbery
I sit and I watch repulsed as my house burns to the ground
The house next door roof has been caved in
The bullies have been crushed
These trips in and out of my minds compartments tantalize
Pushed into a ditch and almost had been put to death
saved by my brother who sometime later I would end up fighting
These memories stowed
Into a garden shroud some specific type of angel from the universe beholds
A flaming sword speaking to me in a loud voice threatening
While not to as to threaten, the angel has to make sure the message
Is properly given, there is severe consequences
I do not listen because I am defiant
And his sword is now mine


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