Imaging Blurr

Imaging Blurr

Negative self talk
Disease of memory genes
Substance abuse names
Faces recall details
Hospitalized directory
Organization therapy
Attraction associations
I see in me what other people see
I don’t want to believe
To much of anything is to much for me
I know your type
Don’t visit in me
Strange days Indeed
Keeping to yourself I know your abused
Negative self talk exasperates the lie
I don’t believe you swear on your life to bleed
Audience attention based approval
Burnt at the stake
She was a witch like we thought

Concreate Wasteland


There are no reason for your concepts
sad and beautiful hardships unnumbered
Battlements have emptied
Science is not ever lasting
People like to think they know better
Truly no one is really that important to worship
The infancy of our development recklessly handled
Advanced civilizations counter attack
The unimportance of our lies
We are not that brilliant

Angels Scribe


See you on the other side
I bid you farewell
Pages of our followers
Somewhere beyond sonic speed
You’ve unlocked what I cannot speak
I can see the miles, the distance all around me
Purity running through my veins
See you on the other side
I bid you farewell
And I know that life cannot be so well when internally
There is always constant sadness that is being thought of
The pain that takes you away
You’ve unlocked what I cannot speak
See you on the other side