Electric Transfusion Brainwash


Interrupted inside
I can relate to the story I just finished
Suicide allergy I am smitten by you
Creative love disciplined
I don’t wait for these prostitutes
Seeking to rip the earth clean with their dreams
I am disturbed while minding my own business
I can claim to have no anger
What did you ever expect to find
Outer limits of one’s mind is never easy to examine
Until the gun is in the hands ready to commit
Everyone is sad
Even though everyone seen it coming
Interrupted inside
When it is all said and done people will than start to listen
Your mind is lost due to indecision
No friends
And no comfort
A room of art that will never sell
Ugliness of detail
In your head in your blackened soul
Wise men wonder nothing is ever the way a person wants them to be
Made up philosophy I hate to hear them talk all day long
Made up philosophy is a mask to hide the truth
I see the world for what it is
Brainwashed lies
Lies that are believed over a period of time become reality


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