The opinion


I just recently watched the sixties on CNN, the American network is showing different episodes every Thursday night. It had been quite some since I watched or read anything on the JFK assassination documentation. By chance on Saturday night (Late Night) I was flipping through the channels and I came to CNN which they were programing The whole insight on what happened to JFK. I had watched the videos all before quite some time ago perhaps during the 90s for a school project I cannot remember though the difference of watching the videos now suppose to when I had been in my teens which to mention i was not really paying attention to details and what I really thought of it, While watching all the footage and listening to all the theories I found within side my self a different perceptive blooming almost like an aha moment, watching the various footage this time around was like watching it for the first time. This may seem kind o outlandish in my opinion or cliche but this is just my opinion weather it be wrong or right you decided to read this. In bloom from what I received from the whole Kennedy assassination is simply this that right from the beginning when Kennedy was shot right up to when Oswald was shot the footage that captured all the images of actions seemed like it was all set up. The events that unfolded which seemed more like mere scenes to a show than people being in the natural self of life for example take a close look at the footage right when Oswald was shot that whole scene looked set up as in actors waiting to play a role. If you take a look at our modern day footage of situations weather it be a police stand off or court cases most of the footage is believable that it is people being people in life than look at the Kennedy assassination footage the whole situation seemed like one big experiment I mean right from Kennedy all the way to the warren report. All the government officials down played it to fit unrealistic endings which only made sense when those whom disagreed with the official report of the investigation whom challenged everything because truly something well everything even to this day if one was to investigate the assassination there is a lot of crap that you can tell is just missing or not being talked about. For whatever reason government wanted JFK dead and they protected the assassins the real ones in my opinion. Oswald and ruby anyone can see they are the fall guys, I don think Oswald was capable. Such a great person who meant so much to life with meaningful purpose in the end had his head blow off and treated poorly within the crime itself. Two great leaders were killed in that decade JFK as well as Martin Luther king, makes one wonder don’t you think


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