This morning I am quite sure I don’t know why it is though you are on my mind

And now I am wishing things which cannot ever be, for instance i would love to see you

The old Perry Street seems to come to mind living in that old apartment

Our love had been like sunshine in the bedroom

I know eventually everything becomes a memory important enough to haunt

Hearts and thoughts they fade

And these days are like rush hour strange days of endless screaming

Without a drink in hand to numb, is this the exact life?

Suppose life is just life living by the way of inner means

Getting along through this day and that day

Sleeping in so much under cover I had a life

But I’ll never forget you Rochelle

Tastes and smells, sights and sounds

The place we once had met on that cold winters eve

These stories untold and hardships unnumbered

upon this morning awakening I am missing you

And you don’t see me


Melodious tale

At the turn of the century there had been no music to play

I heard a woman humming a tune, lyrics once written in Kilkenny

Everyone had to leave, tears in the countries eyes

old folks and children waving goodbye

Some gone off to England, on the boats to a far off place called America

Wife’s, lovers and mistresses pens in their hands

Thoughts and emotions spill onto paper

Please send money soon, there is hardly any food

Clothes on our backs are nothing more good than rags

No music to play at the turn of the century

Hearing the old wind cry for our heritage

Our history had been never written

It was always sung and spoken

At the turn of the century there had been no music to play

Everyone has gone with history in their pockets

ladies hum an old Irish song

All the men wave goodbye across the far sea to die

Melodious tale

Head thoughts


There is no amends from blood
I have been in a state nothingness

It is only august and I happen to already be planning for January
rushed and panicked

Freedom, really what freedom is there really?
Consumer ship slaves from blood

Abortionist obituary
Nero transmitters frequency

Red eyes through the darkness watch attentively
Demonic guardian endemic

Black night assassination
Marching upon the sands

Pushing a region into war
We will believe anything we are ever told

Bodies take up these chairs
Crowded head thoughts fill the air