This morning I am quite sure I don’t know why it is though you are on my mind

And now I am wishing things which cannot ever be, for instance i would love to see you

The old Perry Street seems to come to mind living in that old apartment

Our love had been like sunshine in the bedroom

I know eventually everything becomes a memory important enough to haunt

Hearts and thoughts they fade

And these days are like rush hour strange days of endless screaming

Without a drink in hand to numb, is this the exact life?

Suppose life is just life living by the way of inner means

Getting along through this day and that day

Sleeping in so much under cover I had a life

But I’ll never forget you Rochelle

Tastes and smells, sights and sounds

The place we once had met on that cold winters eve

These stories untold and hardships unnumbered

upon this morning awakening I am missing you

And you don’t see me


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