sick satellites

                  All your lies, sick satellites 

                   In a way you had it all but you decided looking back was never good enough

                  Wont you believe it all your lies defects attributes 

                  The essence people try to like

                   Sick satellites orbiting the plastic sun

                   plagiarized literature

                  All thoughts denigrate obituary identity 

                 All your lies, all the days you try to starve

                 Sick satellites revolve    

                Absence is just a fault, unprofessional 

               Duty to an extreme result of consequence


The Spirit


                          Hard times often to come up with something grand

                          I’ve seen people ragged and old none that I shall miss

                          Except one that i hardly ever see anymore to whom I blame everything

                         And love in sadness I shall mourn

                        Upon histories field I spend in connection to understand my belonging

                       The past speaks to me through whispering voices 

                       Wherein once held companionship with many notable spirits 

                       I thought about a woman who I had missed along the ages

                       Finding her among words describing her detail

                       Winter months fire 

                       My love conspires 

                      Our souls speaking from the past within the future context 

                      Find each other again among soul divinity