The Dream


                           The weight i carry races through my mind

                             I’ve lied, I’ve lied

                            Avoidance and betrayal 

                            Masters of disease beckoning graves


                        I try to write a conversation I had in a dream with a dead long lost friend

<p   And the mystery surrounding his death, he had told me what had happened to him

                        Which is the only aspect to the dream I cannot remember the exact words


                        Finding the desk at his words he was happy

                        Discussing the wipers, discussing the Illuminati

                        Avoidance and betrayal 

                        He speaks of his death


                        From a book I remember the song he wrote his death

                        Sitting in the halls of a place I call heaven

                        truth to a story I had been faithful

                       Truth was discovered and now I cannot even remember


                       Left at the desk of words for another dream to conclude

                      Look what they had done to me, they surely will do the same to you

                      Out through the wooden door pages of notes trail

                      And a song plays that will never be heard by ears except mine









14 thoughts on “The Dream

    • The dream is really about Kurt Cobain, i had a strange dream of him on the weekend, in the dream we were discussing music, poets, books andhe told me what happened to him but i don’t remember, that part is the only part in the dream i don’t remember. Besides it was only a dream

      • well i know dreams are more than just dream though i was not sure how you would take it if i told you what i really thought, I believe the dream i had was in some way real since i do have a spiritual connection to kurt in some way

      • Oh, no, I wasn’t trying to be flippant… I was actually meaning that your poem was darker than it seems, that maybe Lovecraft and Ligotti are in that range of emotion… does that make sense?

      • o yeah okay i see what you mean I have never read Lovecraft maybe I should, but it is darker than it seems but people that think deep such as yourself can see it.

      • well i believe Kurt death is a lot darker than it seems that is why the poem seems like that. Kurt when he was alive made quite a lot of reference to the Illuminati

      • Yea, going back over his suicide note I think he was a deeply troubled depressive, much like certain authors I admire like David Foster Wallace. Some people like Cobain don’t feel… its for them an almost unbearableness that they can’t be like other humans. They feel isolated and separated out because of their affective lack of emotion. He shows it started from age 7 … so I’ll take it he was a true depressive, that it was probably a brain disorder rather than something like the occult or paranoid illuminati conspiracy theory your thinking… I’ve read that crap too… but don’t by it. Too me he had lived with this a long time and admits it to the person he was leaving the letter. It sounds like him from other letters I’ve read and biographies. So I believe it was his. Sad, true, but not something connected to the occult, etc.

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