Rapid Eye Movement


Wherein our origins dose history document truth fertility

Wherein our origins had life began

hereditary convictions and ancestral debates

I, myself cannot date such a history to fact, yet my spirit is on a searching trek

Feeling space and time from an origin I had been born

An objective, reacquiring knowledge  unorthodox

I apprentice myself to the minds transmitters

Intellectual signals

Extraterrestrial cells

The hidden focus, perhaps contain consciousness

Where the voice of self inner solitude rejoices

Awaking strict elemental philosophy

Quarters during rapid eye movement quell

Wherein our origins history documents


Quote of the day


“I love early punk. It just captures a very hungry, urgent lust for life. There is a restlessness there that creates a very strong, creative, brave impulse. It cuts away everything that’s not essential, its direct.”

Lauren Kirshner




Guitar wiped circle fair

Distortion acceleration, sound wave barrier

Indent esteem

Complacency fracture

Another missed session

Time has its sun revolving

These energies contribute

You’ve been lost my dear somewhere in my heart

Out of my head in the last resort

Breathing structure

Faceless abstract

I can’t believe this had happened to you

A love well missed

Half of what I say is meaningless

Moderate Inadequate


Finger tips are bled

systematic deliberate view

Promoting you, selling you to show Precedence of selling out

You know the types, their your vibrant necrosis neighbor

replacement skeletal strategy

Broken insect skin subornation

Archetype confused

Ordinal original abused

Scattered memorabilia

Avoided truth

What is wrong with you bowing to these types

Deep surgeon host’s minds Neron transmitters

Signals attached

Energy to energy

Instamatic deliberate view

Illuminati cast’s departures

Finger dismantling eye

All seen divide moderate inadequate