Unlovely Crature


Unlovely Creature
Faces without names on the street
Individual truth
Rivals charity
Eyes not matching the soul

I do not allow you to enter
Sanctuary of God
Teaching me to be humane
Torched tongue castrating

Baring likeness self existing
Emotions starving affection
My temple flower blooms
Without the need or want of another

Killing time
Just to live according to distractions
Reading the beginning of time
Weeping father grieves

Waiting constantly waiting
To be advised
Unnecessary guilt
I have to put on a smile

My image is salt
Long hair
Ripped jeans
Are these people afraid of me?

Students become the master
Service to the servants
Too bad the scene is dead
Those years I used to live

Complaints nonetheless full of faith
I was told to stop today
Reconstruction being advised to serve
Temple of the soul

Power declining
I’ll not reach for the first one
Every other action
Decreasing endorphins

Normality functions
Stunned at the oasis
I love this more than anything

This period historic
Removed from self
Infecting societies poison
Lucid energy spoils the jealous

Pleasing never felt so awful
Standing outside of myself
I have to move down stairs
There is always an option to dose

Upon the morning
And upon the night you’re the reason I feel the pain
There are two different peaks
Either one is better than the other

Starved out
Yet the urging longs to feed
Waiting constantly waiting
I refuse

Dryness of body
Out of focus
Two nights restless
I’m afraid of tomorrow

Music soothes the race
Which will trail necessary homage?
My resilience based on power

No name to identify
No independence to depend on
When things all come down to mortals
I’ll never borrow

Basic honesty
Soul obedience
Sharing together
Lies in a perfect way

Explosive envy
Ten days after
Initialization of quitting

When people crash
I will be still on the road
Though my will wants
What is unhealthy for my spirit?

There are patients
To an individual truth master
And I must wait

Flesh has its curse
Triggered in abstinence
Foul able

Under such circumstances
I would not be alarmed
If I decided to pass away
My thoughts are like night and day

I shall not go where I was asked out
Trends follow themselves
I maybe alone
Least in truth favored

Mouth full of blood
Spit to the water
Little hall fills
From one big person in charge

Fading away never seemed so well
Long roads amongst the desert
Doors appear out of now where
I don’t care to open

After quitting
Loneliness departed
Should I never forget the times where and when I thought
Dear lovely suicide
An epic dying I will never create to summon

Life is entertaining
Possessing magic
We all have areas to introduce
Uniquely Devine

Hating despising
Humbling myself towards the wise
Under these circumstances
I know better and I would rather listen

Longer the experience
Is there more right to evade
Demanding attention
These things bother

Thinking upon the depths of death
I entertain often
Obscure fantasy
I would be loved gone away

In music lingers my note
Music according to spirituality
Listening well
Without the wise self approval

Love deals tricks
And I don’t nessasrly mind
Bondage wrapped in chains
Love is pain

Love will at once find this wanderer
Drifting far enough
Love, should you never forget me

This is the way to bleed
Without any other attention
An unlovely creature
Has its day to die

Grave diggers handle the unforgiving
Feeding the harvest
Heaven departs faithfully

Loyalty in death
I’ve married well
Loved ones passed on before their time
I shall meet them soon

Romance eulogy cold
Leaving in place for whom ever to read
I am so sure of it there are unknown persons
Who always loved me?

Complete sadness spoils
This train ride way to short
Hardly know time at all to get to know each other

Sometimes it is hard to approach
Truth in hand
Sometimes it is hard to resist
When the brain won’t shut up

In the meantime this historical moment
She and I share
And I know I am in love
Yet I dare not say

What did I tell you?
The most beautiful things in life
Are unexpected moments
Strangers in meeting

She is the first to kiss
And the last to leave with me
Escorting her home will not do
Shivery not so modern

Alone and unlovely
Love me, o love me





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