Our lady


                                                 queen elizabeth I

                                                   By virtue I shall restore order by obedience 

                                                   To maintain objective of self approval 

                                                   Acquired by self respect 

                                                   I gather here at the table, my true inner dignitaries 

                                                   By virtue, by the the standards of law

                                                   Love abiding by our own self rule

                                                   We prosper and find each other whole

                                                   Consequences concerning morality shall be held 

                                                   Addressing any soul amongst spirit teachings 

                                                  Hath at last understood properly answers of God

                                                 Delivered by her majesty   


                                                My lady dressed in her colors

                                                In the privy chamber stating tradition, ecclesiastic law 

                                                Notes of our dear beloved land we shall defend

                                                Epic Tilbury

                                                oaths sworn loyal, we shall never evade

                                                History flags her century reunion 

                                                Witnessing the sails of burden 

                                                Sighted wherein  our numbers rank

                                                Had not we been true swaying balance of war

                                                Pretentious, forlorn and hateful 

                                                Critics elaborate justifiable schemes 

                                                Our lady’s virtue, there is no abandon   









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