The Sadness


Words of promising grandeur getting used to something knew

Just like a haunted loved ones suicide

Avoiding dreams to puncture harmony

We are not home yet and we cannot say for sure if we are ever truly loved

Getting used to another place

Filling up space crowding the air with thoughts

Maddening horror echos down through the ages making history

Names and faces to remember

Words of promising grandeur

Familiar let down

A mothers eyes tear

The good we smile upon securely

Wherein loved ones lost

You may not know the sadness


3 thoughts on “The Sadness

    • you said it, i think as a person I do strive within divinity exploring our mortal world with other people. As writers I think we are connected to that divinity more than others i think we as writers have the gift to create our emotions which i think is a direct line from god our creator

      • I agree, it took me a lot of experience to realize that true love, as we writers said are rarely reciprocated, so it is better to be content with a good love and try to add as much true love recipe to it as possible!

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