Truth Of One


I am not owned by you

I am the one who chooses

Whatever I say and whatever I Choose to do, there should be no offense

My actions dare not reflect on you

My intentions of thoughts proceeding my coming and going

Forgot you I had

Crown chakra

You’ve decided the upset

Look through the glass

Display my life of survival

Such change and busyness

My own autonomy I lead my foot steps across the miles

Sleep deprived

look what you had done

I shall tell you a tale

There is always selfishness possessing

In logic concerning what other people decide

If you should read and weep

When peace dose not meet your criteria

Look through the glass

Here is a tale of a tarot reading

Pathway leading to a darkened closed door

memories of a house

In this sight meaning is hidden

Nonetheless I see

A tale of two swords

One slaying the dragon

One sword

For the one who deserves silence

Do you remember that day?

That particular day of impressions?

Where and when your attention had been once needed

Where were you than?

Do you remember that day?

One sword is yours

Covered in wisdom


I’ve read the stars

There is not one thing belonging

Alignments of planets change

Systems energy changes our being connected

Mine own searching conjectures mystery

origins of and eons lapse

Ancient times scry through the future

Time portal messenger

Truth of one


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