The Salem Horror-Part 2- Memory and Asylum


Scene 6:

Enter Carolyn and Chris sitting in a star bucks coffee shop sitting opposite each other.

Carolyn: this is funny.

Chris: what?

Carolyn: I vowed never to see you again after our first date.

Chris: Your vote of confidence is overwhelming.

Carolyn: look at yourself you are a mess Chris.

Chris: yeah I know they got me good but they got it back twice as bad from some strange nut bar.

Carolyn: well that nut bar saved your life, I am not one for violence but that situation is why I am here.

Chris: spare me the sympathy Carolyn.

Carolyn: It is just strange that is all and I mean not just your incident; there have been a few strange reports over the news.

Chris: A week ago I would had gave no mind I am all ears baby.

Carolyn: please enough with your shit.

Chris: come on spill what you been hearing.

Carolyn: Apparently the person that saved slashed killed those muggers whom attacked you the police have been investigating him for sometime linked to all sort of these mysterious deaths and even in some cases disappearances.

Chris: is it in the news that he is responsible for it all?

Carolyn: it’s complicated their first real evidence of this person which I forgot to mention he calls himself the mellower is when he saved you.

Chris: wait a second no one has ever lived to tell the story of this nut bar except me?

Carolyn: that is where it gets complicated, all the other reports have either came from homeless people whores working the streets people who are untrustworthy and he is linked to murders that are criminals.

Chris: what is the deal with the disappearances?

Carolyn: The report last night did a special on these recent disappearances and after the people were found missing one would just show up like this one case for example two weeks ago as it is said that her boy went missing and two days later he is back without a clue what had happened to him no recollection at all, and the connection in this case draws to the mellower because he had been spotted by a whore walking the street the morning of the boys discovery.

Chris: That is strange.

Carolyn: Don’t you see Chris, without your mugging and your testimony this whole story would seem like it was just made up from crack pot losers from the street it’s like this mellower is trying to live some comic book script.

Chris: Suppose there is a positive in anything, I tell you one thing this coffee sure sucks now I know why I never came into this joint, star bucks is just a corporation for nerds to think they are something meeting in this dump.

Carolyn: You know Chris it’s when you open your mouth I start to really hate you.

Exit Carolyn.

Scene 7:
Enter Carolyn, she wakes up in a dream from her bed and she steps into a graveyard walking past row upon row of heads that had been driven through with steaks sticking out of the ground. Carolyn is in complete terror her pace picks up to a run trying to find a way out of the grave yard with no end in sight, it is as if the grave yard just keeps repeating itself. Carolyn trips over a rotting head she stumbles to get up.

Mellower: Here my lady takes my hand, don’t be afraid.

Carolyn: Get me out of this place.

Mellower: That is not up to me my lady.

Carolyn: What is this place? Is this a dream?

Mellower: cannot be for certain there though I do believe this is ghostly grave yard if I ever seen one wouldn’t you agree my lady?

Carolyn: Stop calling me that, and what is with your accent, you Irish or something?
Mellower: Within first impression my lady you sure know how to kill a relationship fast, I know how Chris must feel (laughing)

Carolyn: What did you say?

Mellower: you heard me well my lady I am sure of that.

Carolyn: I will beat you with this stick I dare say Mr.

Mellower: Up here my lady, might want to try throwing the head I am pretty high up in this tree, besides the stick is kind gone flimsy from the weight of his head looks like he had been a fat man.

Carolyn: Who are you?
Mellower: mellower my lady.

Carolyn: right now I know this is a dream.

Mellower: whatever this maybe Carolyn know this is not a dream at all.

Carolyn: I have never even seen you before how could I possibly dream you.

Mellower: exactly my lady, exactly.

Carolyn: so than you are the one who saved Chris?

Mellower: In the flesh and you should be thanking me I saved him for you and those two detectives of course, see Carolyn there are people in your life for meaning and purpose and there are those people in your life that are just there, truth is in the moments truth is not a destination.

Carolyn: whatever is that suppose to mean?

Mellower: look deep Carolyn you forget don’t you? After all this time she has become not even a memory.

Carolyn: Forget, who am I suppose to remember?

Mellower: Such a shame my lady I do believe you passed her head when you stepped out of your bed.

Carolyn: You are sick.

Mellower: Remember before you remember that truth is in the moments, now my lady sleep and wake to a day of perfect memory.

Exit Mellower:
Carolyn falls to the ground which than turns into her bed.

Scene 8: In a Boston Asylum for the insane, Ann and Ingrid sit in bright white room hand cuffed facing detective Brice and detective Strong, both detectives smoking cigarettes.

Detective Strong: (Smirking) No one believe your story? how is the nut house treating you two ladies?

Ingrid: Where did you find him?

Detective Brice:    you know same old lovely place where we would find any college football star going places in life, moms old boy we found in the junkyard.

Ann: We loved Isiah, we were friends I am not even capable of such a thing as burning of a body.

Ingrid: What about Red Bear? you find him?

Detective Brice: (Sarcastically)  O yes, refresh my memory where he comes into this side show?

Ann: Your a prick.

Detective Brice: (Blowing smoke in her face)  true enough.

Ingrid: Like i said in my statement detectives, I and Ann as well as Isiah met up with this person we had just met few weeks ago named Red bear and we had all planned for this historical trip we were going to do a report on for our writing class, as we were with him after sometime on our travel weird and strange things happened which at most is very unexplainable.

Detective Strong: Let me look again here at your statement, here it is, this is whats kinda crazy and probably what got you into this palace. Please correct me if I am wrong. You said you woke up and you were tied to a chair, both you and Isiah in some kinda game which happened to win and Isiah had been burned where he sat?

Ingrid: It seems unreal?

Detective Strong: That’s the understatement of the year.

Ingrid: That is what happened.

Ann: Ingrid, you know I love you but listen to yourself what you just said it dose sound crazy.

Detective Brice: (Laughing) Crazy questioning the crazy, suppose were in the right place for it.

Detective Strong:Ladies, come on, tell me about your friend and what you really did to him, enough of the insane story and lies.

Ingrid: we did not do it.

Detective  Brice: look ladies the whole crime scene we stumbled upon does not make any sense what so ever and we are not done putting pieces together, I believe you two were involved and had help dumping the body, foot prints we found too big to be yours.

Ingrid: Tell me officer, do you believe in the supernatural?

Detective  Brice: Dose this scroll mean anything to you?

Ingrid: never seen it before.

Detective  Brice: The words are written in Hebrew, it says the souls shall be put to trail within the limits of fire and only one shall live, Interesting little piece I must say.

Detective Strong: We also have prints and the four sets of prints we know are not yours, who were you working with? you know we will figure this out ladies, its what we do and your lies now wont go to favor the truth when the shit hits the fan.

Detective Brice: were here only trying to help.

Ingrid: (Spitting on Brice)  You just heard what truth I know.

Detective Brice:  Sticking to your crazy story I assume? okay ladies, we are not done with you yet don’t go anywhere.

Exit Detective Brice and detective strong.


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