Juniper And Sam


I don’t want to sop smiling

Joy, feverish in feeling

Crazy being in self

Water paint, and a sick life

She smiles

For there is something called love

Sensitive on the eyes

The watcher in the tree smiling

Along the hour through

Dim light shade

Making love within the normality Of being true self


5 thoughts on “Juniper And Sam

    • well, the other night I was so board and kind of down and I needed a laugh. I was going though my movies and I came across benny an joon and from to finish I was smiling from deep inner solitude of feeling that I had been subjected to from the great chemistry by the acting and of course the humor. In my opinion Beeny And Joon is one of the best best movies ever made there is so much more to the movie than it appears, there is a grand message. And i want to thank for you reading my poems and finding the true meaning contained in truth of one, that poem truly is a riddle:)

      • very true, this movie teaches us a lot about “love”, deep and true one i mean. It indeed is one of the best movies i too have seen. 🙂

        That is the thing about too many depp movies, they have deeper messages in them.

        I really share the way the director/writer of this movie looks at love.

        If I could capture the true meaning of your poem that means we think in the same track, and that made me very happy too!

        I mostly interprete works by my own thinking (that used to drive some of my literature teachers nuts), i prefer it when my readers do the same!

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