I slept maybe all but two hours
Mind spinning like a top
Today’s endeavors this passed night being thought out
And of course nothing went as planned
Universe smiles chuckling
I told you I would get you again

When o when do I size to worry
Over drive chaotic mind appears to know best
Selected plans
Eventually scenarios ruin
I told you I would get you
Please won’t you play again?

Even so, the day still turned out
Considering outcomes never coordinated with my will
Failed manipulation
Frustration, frustration
Literature behind this wall
Music muse dwells laughing

Routine change cut in half
Arriving home late at the end of the day, I already did my job pleasing
Here I sit accomplished
Substance never bought luxuries of being
What will this house do without me?
I’ve won this day

After all I have done I have to admit I never stood up for my own belief
I wanted this change
And I get what I want
Where is satisfaction
Nothing ever seems good enough, more, more
I am jaded and I don’t get it

Out stretched arms
Fingers picking at this guitar
One room prison
I find reasons to quit
There is somewhere else I need to be
So uncomfortably insecure

Comfort is officially a memory
Comfort in missing life on life’s terms
Comfort in being sad
Is not more to me?
Snuffed at what is the rest of me
Loneliness is not ever there

I have to be as crazy as they say
Encouraged by the year
Ended up believing
Retreat, retreat
There is nothing left of me

Tales of love
Tales of hardships
Taking care of a world
Hero’s and legends
Once had their day to die
The room now filled

People live all sorts of different lives
Am I not one among many?
What is the difference?
Sweet nothingness pure
Within a future longing to be
I take part doubting

Infinite miles crossed
This is not for purposes to please
Amusement is already easy enough
To feel important
Acts portraying the blandness
Decaying chemicals

I love this morning to myself
You’re the reason I love to hate
Keep yourself away
In other company you shall seek your pain
Hearts and thoughts they fade
Let peace decide talents we should offer

My body feels withdrawn
As if I just drank for a week straight
Truth is caffeine has put me into this current state
From one manic to another
These demons poke in this place I feel like the woman in girl interrupted
Before she hangs herself putting on music

Bothering not to show up after being invited
Ugly socialites take care of a perfect tragedy
Beautiful and the dammed
Enjoying precious time
Nice to know you in the quick sand
My own small town darkness

Reunion of souls evaporate
Blood countess inspects
The iron maiden
The ladies all remain drained
Among the sky planted in dark could she follows

Ghostly energy fields
Keeping me awake, dam these two hours of sleep, I want more
I can’t bleed anymore
I will not keep you youthful
What is so wrong with disappointment?
At least there is some care to contend with

Injection promotion
Taste testing samples
Brilliance of intelligence has enough room for error
Aliens in my stars
They ask for direction
Can’t take me with them

One year together we like shouting
Infected union two presidents manifest
And when God speaks his voice chooses me
In the peace, in all the love
I been prepared for this time all my life
The room now emptied
I am ready to fill


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