Celtic Night


Fair and soft I hear your voice

Through the music paradise

Celtic rhythm across the earth

So well and neat across the sea

Drifting towards the ancient language

Fair and soft departing

If you could hear my thought talking

Whispering Celtic melody

Across the miles fair and soft singing

Through the music paradise

Energy volume caressing my ears

I never know how long my soul takes to travel

I am inclined to believe within all effort secluding divinity thought

You are somewhere in a realm waiting

The Goddess of the earth shewn a pathway of stars

Beautiful light beholding a beautiful sight

An ancient craft set at my heart

Attachments of love sung in a song

By fire enchanted

Images do appear casting

Fair and soft voices singing

Songs of an old time

Gathered from memory

Repertoire calling

Closed eyes by the light whispering Celtic melody

Roots of family in safety rest

An ode to our fathers and mothers

History wakes among the words we sing

Enchanted by fire


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