Sad today

Leaving without company

Made a mess

unthoughtful mind

Better than voice

change of course I never planned

While waiting there is concentration of you

Book of shadows never seems quite to do

And I had looked through the glass

Never seen that one thing

Selling of tales

Sad songs to date

My image falters

Why in my image I erase

One thing true

One thing obscured

looking always after

Closed eyes in detail

Little sleep

Comprehension at its best

So many good looking interest

Words hardly ever speak

What is true

Lingers in feeling

Emotion in tide

Swaying back and forth

Eyes look well, deep

Penetrating souls

Say true to love outstanding

Calm and sad

Fairly drawn


Hope filled

Under my fingers

Ink spills a trend

Everything is music

Beats of people

States of dimensions

Under loves spell emotions flee


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