Pie oh Pah (inspired by the book Imagica, written by Clive Barker)


Ruins  of a celestial temple engineering fortification of your mind

married to the last unique mystif

Nothing should be as it seems, when forgetting had been desired

A time period of two hundred years lapsed

An assassins plot bounded you to a time line for reconciliation

Characters woven in their destiny, journeying to the unbeheld

The mystif cry’s loud in its service of remembrance

Allowing the master to follow blindly towards his remembrance

Love and desire transforms the mystif into the most beautiful creature

Educating her master

Love seducing

memory swells the master mind temple like flooding water

A copy of a lady, guilt’s his welcome back to reality

The mystif recounts to the master glories of old tales

Two departures recoil their love

An oath sworn

The Mystiff, it to be lost again to the pain of the void

The last of its words were spread out only but a few feet from the pivot

Finish what I had been sworn to do


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