Mother Earth


Deliver me from their scars

hurt defying in their eye

Dismissing reincarnation of deity

primitive instinctual singleness

A time of innocent passing

personalizing characters

Scrutinized by low life’s

They enter what had been unsuccessful

Caution plagues

Writing life as it appears

Life as subjects

Renaming exactly what fits our race

I  reflect life through subjection

A planned outcome I do not create

Inevitable decrease conjunctions

Life in our span of time

Old we age

Dead of purpose over the back of giants

Demotion servant

Symbolic features screen chess

Inside my soul of cells

Spiraling spirits contend

Environmental awareness

Sensitivity lashes  disturbance

Heightened sense

Warning patrol

Brief interlude from conversation

Sexes orchestrated detention

Straying female and male, programed

Listening, and absorbing nonsense

From these so called professionals

Made up by the world hoarding sheep

Witnessing madness from the minds

Displayed by those masters who reside

Population displacement

Secular media, shroud of passing dust

Integrating their dying wind

Deliver me from their scars

Unholy water washes over my face

Among the depth of my despair

I linger in an old place

breathing comfort of love

In trouble I do wander

Enemy’s untold and hardships unnumbered


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