A departue


Bones of a lover through the fire ever wander

Harvest of the Autumn

Equinox blood design of our forgiveness

hearts of a hardened burden

A face lost married traveling territories

On the sun through the eye white clashes

prevalent mind beauty in the clam

I am sad and low beyond my breath

Unfaithful departure

I don’t want to believe the undone

In the night sleeping haunting

Listening the voices

Miracles ever so fleeting

Distortion ever so lasting

feeling a modern world blind to the earth and the people

reason and meaning

I wish I had never heard of this hardship

Sad and hardened view of my family torn drifting separate ways

I feel absorbing long term dwelling

Bedding crown of nature

Intuitive, primitive

Ending their expression against the masses

Last time ever wanting  desperate association of a blessed miracle


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