Irish Music


A departue


Bones of a lover through the fire ever wander

Harvest of the Autumn

Equinox blood design of our forgiveness

hearts of a hardened burden

A face lost married traveling territories

On the sun through the eye white clashes

prevalent mind beauty in the clam

I am sad and low beyond my breath

Unfaithful departure

I don’t want to believe the undone

In the night sleeping haunting

Listening the voices

Miracles ever so fleeting

Distortion ever so lasting

feeling a modern world blind to the earth and the people

reason and meaning

I wish I had never heard of this hardship

Sad and hardened view of my family torn drifting separate ways

I feel absorbing long term dwelling

Bedding crown of nature

Intuitive, primitive

Ending their expression against the masses

Last time ever wanting  desperate association of a blessed miracle

O Waly Waly – Benjamin Britten


Charlotte Hoather


This is a folk song of Scottish origin of which there are innumerable versions. The modern lyrics ‘the Water is Wide’ was named by Cecil Sharp in 1906 from multiple other sources in Southern England, following English lyrics with a different story.

Britten Benjamin Britten

Benjamin Britten used the melody and verses of The Water is Wide for his version in 1948 which doesn’t have the O Waly Waly verse yet is still called O Waly Waly.

Kathleen-Ferrier Kathleen Ferrier

The modern version of the song was sung by Pete Seeger in the folk revival. It has also been recorded by Sarah Brightman, Janet Baker, Sir Thomas Allen whose masterclass at the RCS I attended last week, and Kathleen Ferrier to name just a few.

Sir-Thomas-Allen Meeting Sir Thomas Allen Following A Masterclass At The RCS

Here is a performance that I recorded back in August 2013 whilst performing at a recital in…

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